Personalized Wedding Favor Koozies

Long after your special wedding day has passed and you’re no longer a newlywed couple, the bride and groom want to know that somehow, their guests will forever remember their day that was filled with love, family, and an abundance of other emotions. One of the best and most common ways to ensure that your guests will have fond memories of your wedding is to give them a parting wedding favor that will serve as a reminder. While there is no right or wrong item to use as a favor, most bride and grooms provide their guests with glassware, candy, and other traditional items. But, if you want to break the traditional mold and really wow your guests, consider using personalized wedding koozies as your personal way to keep memories of your wedding day around for years to come.
With personalized wedding koozies, you never have to worry about guests forgetting your magical day. Instead, during the reception, guests can be given their personalized wedding favor koozies and can use them throughout the occasion. Koozies are perfect for guests of all ages as they are designed to hold canned and some bottled beverages. This means that your personalized wedding koozies will be a hit for beer and soda drinkers alike.
Just like glassware and other commonly used wedding favors, wedding koozies too can be customized. Koozies are available in many different designs and backgrounds though each of them can be personalized with a special touch. Add in the bride and groom’s name, the date of the wedding, and a message to each of your guests for the perfect favor. Since personalized wedding favor koozies are so versatile, you can add all sorts of designs and extras. From photographs to clipart and even text, the options are endless.

Use Personalized Wedding Koozies For A Special Wedding Favor
The purpose of favors is that they serve as a reminder of your wedding day. While you may not be using the traditional and expected favor for your guests, koozies make for a great wedding favor because they last. While glassware can break, candles eventually burn out, and edible wedding favors are temporary, koozies are permanent, long-lasting, and can be used for years and years. Since koozies can be used almost anywhere, there will always be a constant reminder of your special day.
Another great reason to use personalized wedding koozies is that they are fitting for any type of wedding on any type of budget. You will find a wide assortment of personalized wedding favor koozies which means that you’re sure to find one that meets your wedding theme. From classic and traditional to koozies that break the traditional barrier, you’re sure to find a personalized koozie that fits perfectly within your wedding day.
Give your wedding guests a surefire way to remember your wedding by using personalized wedding favor koozies. Add your own personal touch and guests are sure to be wowed with the gift that you’ve presented to them.
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51. Spring is commonly viewed as a time of renewal and rebirth, so it offers the perfect time of year for a life-changing event like a wedding. Despite this, spring is often a distant third place behind summer and autumn for the most popular time of year to get married, so if you’re considering a spring wedding you are likely to be onto a good thing as more venues and services will be available, rather than being booked up tight, and you may even be able to negotiate some discounted rates for venues and travelling!
For a spring wedding theme, start your creativity off by thinking of your favourite parts of the season. If you like the image of new flowers growing up through the snow, maybe you want your wedding in early spring so you can offer a warm indoor environment filled with flowers when your guests come in from the cold. If you’re more into sunshine, you can plan your wedding for later in May using brighter colours with floral accents.
If you are getting married in a church, talk to them beforehand about their planned Easter decorations, as you may be able to save a lot of money by using their existing flower arrangements rather than having to provide your own wedding flowers. Remember that while wedding vendors will be readily available in spring there are lots of balls and dances for schools and colleges at this time of year, so you’ll probably need to book any limousines and tuxedo rentals extra early to make sure you get them.

The vast majority of wedding dresses are ideal for a spring wedding. Dresses with large skirts are often too warm for the summer, and sleeveless wedding dresses are usually too cold for the winter. Beware of any lingering winter chills, and consider a wrap or bridal bolero which you can add to your dress to keep off the cold. This can also be a good way to add a touch of colour to your bridal outfit, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. Pastels are common and work brilliantly for a subtle spring feel. A lot of brides go for subtle touches for a blue or green wedding but if you want to be bold and really encourage the spring sunshine then you can opt for an orange wedding theme, or even a bright and daring fuchsia wedding!
For the rest of your wedding party, remember that spring weather is notoriously changeable, so be prepared for both bright sunshine and warmth or a damp and chilly day. Pick out bridesmaid dresses with sleeves on them or provide wraps as bridesmaid accessories. You could even go for a vintage look with cardigans for your bridesmaids to keep them warm.
While pastel bridesmaid dresses are commonly seen in spring weddings, they can be dreaded by some bridesmaids! Let your bridesmaids choose the cut or colour of their dresses and you’ll probably have fewer complaints. Or you could go in a fresh, new direction with lime green or turquoise bridesmaid dresses, paired with pink wedding bouquets for a beautifully complementing look. If you’re going for a daytime wedding, have your groomsmen’s suits match up to the season with tan waistcoats and co-ordinating ties – black isn’t the only colour for the chaps, remember.
If you can, avoid putting your wedding party in satin shoes in case of any showers. You might also want to buy everyone some matching umbrellas, just in case, but don’t worry if it does rain – there’s a lovely wedding picture to be had with a bride and groom smiling together under a big umbrella.
A cheerful pink and green colour combination is very seasonal, and perfect for a fresh-feeling springtime wedding. For your wedding reception, accent your tables with polka dot fabrics and ribbons, and use alternating chair colours to keep the theme up. If you’d prefer a more elegant wedding theme, combine a paler green with white and use silver as an accent colour. If you are having an outdoor or garden wedding reception, a beautiful maypole can make a classy decoration as well as keeping young children entertained.
Spring wedding flowers include roses, tulips, lilies and daisies. Multicoloured lilies are very popular and can look lovely in a spring bouquet. You can also use hyacinths combined with lemon leaf or maiden hair for a very pretty arrangement. You can subtly evoke Easter in your centrepieces using white baskets with flowers, some tealight candles and a sprinkling of flower petals. For an unexpected and brighter touch, consider tying your flowers with polka dot or striped ribbons in a pastel colour.
Above all keep your wedding theme ideas fresh and light just like the season and you should have a dreamy and wonderful wedding regardless of the weather.
For ideas and advice on choosing your Christmas wedding theme, stop by Sasi Wedding Magazine at [], where you can join the Community to share wedding ideas with other brides. Happy springtime wedding planning!

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