Personalized Shot Glasses – Wedding Favor Must Haves

Champagne, wine glasses, and candles are three very commonly used wedding favor items as they are meant to be given to each guest as a keepsake in efforts to ensure that everyone who attended the wedding remembers it for years and years to come. However, if you’re looking to step outside of the ordinary and take a little trip on the more wild and daring side at your wedding, try using personalized shot glasses as your wedding favor opposed to the more traditional and expected wedding favors. With shooters, your guests are still given a valuable keepsake but instead this favor is one that isn’t seen too often, which makes your departing thank you gift unique, special, and memorable to say the least.
Though a toast to the bride and groom stands as one of the highlights of any wedding, why not invite your guests to not only a wedding toast, but a wedding shot? Provide guests with personalized glasses and have everyone toast to a “cheers” using their glasses. Each glass can be personalized to match your wedding flawlessly. While shot glasses may not be as traditional or overly elegant as other glassware, they truly are a wedding favor must have.

Turning A Glass Into A Keepsake
So how exactly would a marrying couple go about using glasses as their wedding favors? Since shooters can be personalized, it is quite easy to turn a normal shot glass into one that shows love, care, and plenty of thanks. With the ability to customize each shot glass, the marrying couple has an endless amount of options when it comes to designing the glasses. For a wedding, it’s wise for the couple to have their names engraved into the glasses along with the date of their wedding and possibly even a short and sweet message to each guest.
To further tie in the glass into your wedding, consider continuing any wedding theme or colors you may have already planned. If you’re throwing a Vegas wedding, find a shot glass that offers a Vegas or big city theme. For a more romantic and elegant wedding, find a shot glass that uses frosted glass or one that offers a frosted glass design. Finding shot glasses in one of your wedding colors is also a possibility as shot glasses are often made in a variety of colors aside from the traditional clear glass.
If you’re truly looking for a way to guarantee that your wedding is remembered like no other, start by giving your wedding guests a departing wedding favor that is unique. Most wedding couples use the traditional and expected wedding favors and by stepping outside of the norm, you are able to use a wedding favor that is special and is sure to stand out amongst other wedding keepsakes. Personalized shot glasses most definitely have their place as a favor and for a truly memorable day, they are exactly the gift you need to give.
When it comes to wedding favors, nothing works more like a charm than giving out Personalized Shot Glasses. Another great favor perfect for weddings are our new Custom Wedding Koozies, can coolers that are printed with your personalized message. Shop at for all of your wedding favor needs today!

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